Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been too long.

Im sorry for my recent disappearance. Joran Van der Sloot got me and I thought I was a goner. BUT IM BACK!

And I felt like throwing a special honor out there today, to a woman who quite frankly, is nuts.

This ones for you Laura!

Where do I start???

I've been knowing Laura Craig since I was a freshman in high school (Lindsay and Brandi are the bestest of friends, and Laura is Brandi's mom. Get it?)

We have had some of our craziest times with this woman. No, we werent coaxing her to buy us alcohol, or getting her to buy us tickets to Rated R movies... We were running the cemetery's and looking for ghosts.


So last Friday night, after some dilly-dallying at Buffalo Wild Wings, we went back to Lauras to hang out for a bit. Around 2am, we were a tad bit bored. When your bored at the Craig/Coppedge house that equals... SCARY RIDE!

The destination for the night: Amityville Horror House. I had never been there before, but Bran and Laura said that they didnt even want to go there in the day time. This mission included the following people. ME (Black/Male), Lindsay (White/Female), Laura (White/Female), Brandi, Apryl, and Randi (White/Female). This was the pefect set up for a new horror movie. It was like I was in Tiger Woods paradise right before everything went downhill.

We get to the street that the house is on... Pitch black. Nothing out there. At this point, I was still feeling pretty manly and not scared yet.

Then, we pull up to the house. Oh, Em, Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to do something like this?

To be continued.... (Im at work, and I cant finish sorry)

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