Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is Prison Fun???

As I sit here on this beautiful Tuesday morning, I wonder and ponder. I wonder, how the word wonder and ponder look like they would sound alike, but they don't at all. Then I wonder about celebrities, sports figures, people with money, and why they would want to go and ruin it all for a little bit of cocaine or ecstacy.

I just read on SportsCenter that Braylon Edward, one of the Jets top recievers, was arrested for DWI early this morning. What a dummy. I know you guys are happy that yall beat the Patriots, and you felt like partyin like a rockstar, but dang. You make all this money, why dont you hire a driver to take you home. Instead, you take the chance, get behind the wheel, get pulled over, try to cram a ton of icebreakers and 5 gum in your mouth before the cop gets to your window, then you go to jail. What a smart fellow.

Lindsay Lohan cant pass a drug test. One of the easiest tests to take, and you cant pass it. She has repeatedly disappointed me, and I cant even watch The Parent Trap without tearing up a little bit. When will this red headed bozo ever learn. Her judge needs to put her in the general population when she goes back to prison. Who cares if shes famous? Let her have a dose of reality and I guarantee she wont come back.

Clifford Harris is probably the biggest let down. One of the best rappers alive right now also happens to be one of the dumbest. Does he miss Wayne that much that he wants to go back to jail and be cell mates? They can be the newest prison rap duo called Soap Droppas. Incarceration is supposed to be an eye-opener. One of those places that you go, spend some time, and never wanna go back. Like Taco Casa, or Montana. I just dont get it.

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