Monday, July 5, 2010

He shines so brightly

This weeks SuperStar is:

JOHN BERNAL a.k.a. Johnny B a.k.a. Johnny Bananas a.k.a. John Beeeeezzzzz Nuts

John Bernal is a man I have known for a good while. We actually used to hustle people in poker games together, back in high school.

He is currently living in North Carolina, due to his military status.

I have no idea which branch of the military he's in, but I know he gets to do cool spy stuff like Michael Weston off of Burn Notice. And that reason alone makes John Bernal one of the dreamiest guys I have ever met.

He once told me that when he was on a mission he __________ ___________ a ___________ _________ on top of a ____________ and then ___________ _____ with ___________ and could barely _____________.

I mean, who can honestly top that story?

Thank you John, for your service, and for your dreaminess.

*Due to the top secretness of the information provided, some content may have been censored in order to protect identities and lives.*

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