Friday, July 9, 2010

One more day until my last name is the same!

So... Our week of sleepness nights is almost over finally.

I took today off (for relaxation) and I woke up at 6am. Yay for me.

*Random Side Note* - I was watching Boy Meets World, and there is absolutely NO WAY that Eric Matthews was that dumb. I mean, he was dumber than dumb.

Anywho, I cant believe this thing is almost here. Its like the first time I went to Disney World.

Bad example. I liked Universal Studios WAY better.

Its like the first time I went to Universal Studios. I was so excited and the thoughts in my head were running wild like monkeys in the jungle, or gazelles wherever they do their thing at. Im ready for it though. I think. Im pretty sure. Really. I think I know Im ready. Seriously. I can do this. Yep, I can do it.

SO, plans for the day:
1. Move clothes and other stuff into the apartment.
2. Get clothes for today, tonight, and stuff to relax in tomorrow.
3. Figure out what Im wearing in the wedding tomorrow.
4. Pray that this weather doesnt get bad so I can hit some golf balls (Thats what she said)
5. Maybe Yucatan.

I believe thats it for now. Before I go, I have been trying to figure out why people keep saying "Dont lock your knees HaHa LOL OMG LMFAO ROFL SI EMB."

I figured it out. And this is why...

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