Friday, July 16, 2010

Where have I been all my life??

Not having my computer at home sucks. I have Lin's but its just different and I cant focus while I'm on it.

I guess I better get used to it though: Apparently, marriage is about sharing and stuff.

I had another weird dream last night. We were in my apartment and the girls were in the other room talking about girl stuff (Guns, drugs, hookers - The usual). Me and Bayne were in the living room and he could talk really good. I was showing him how to flex his muscles and ask the girls "Do you want tickets to the gun show".

That kid is gonna be a pimp one day. CERTIFIED PIMP!

It feels like I havent been on here in forever and I have so much stuff to say but now I cant remember it.

I love when im bein a goofball and I randomly wave at somebody and they wave back, but then I happen to actually know the person.

Oh yeah, U-Verse is awesome. Except for when it screws up. I totally wanted to go all Mel Gibson on the phone last night. But then I didnt. Because im not crazy and I dont punch womens teeth out of their mouth.

I will be back soon, I PROMISE. The internet world and I have MANY things to talk about.

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