Thursday, July 1, 2010

This morning, I made like Britney Spears, and failed.

This morning was probably top 10 worst mornings of July 1sts that I've had.

I wake up. Get ready for work. My gaslight is still on from the day before but I thought I was cool...

I make it alllll the way to Longhorn from my house. Right when I pull into the gas station, the car tells me "Rick, I can't go any further."

Luckily, I rolled right into place.

I get my card out, which has money on it, slide it in, and the screen says see cashier.

Cashier tells me, go back out and try again. I was like "Word". So I went out, tried again, and it tells me to see cashier. I was like "Yo shawty, it's still not working."

Then I tried to pay inside, and it declined. Im like WTH is goin on? So I whipped out my almost black card and paid with that.

After that debaucle, I walked over to my favorite boo at the donut shop. I order my usual, and give her my debit card, thinking that ol girl at the gas station was straight trippin.

She was not.

The moral of the story is, Fraud protection is awesome if you have it on your debit or credit cards. They should just warn you when they freeze your account.

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