Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you play with fire...

I was having a discussion last night with some colleagues of mine (Chris, Lacey and Brandi) and I was asking them about this certain dream that I have had in the past.

It's the dream where you're dreaming about peeing and it feels great, but then youre like "AHHHHH, IM ABOUT TO PEE IN THE BED!!!".

Then when you make it to the bathroom and pee you're hesitant, because you cant remember if you are dreaming or it's real life.

In other random Ricky news, my birthday is in 11 days. Im so excited to be 23. There are so many more opportunities in life that I can finally do now that im 23. I can buy lotto tickets, cigarettes, get a hotel room, pay bills, buy alcohol at restaurants, and a large array of other things.

Oh wait... Ive done that before. Oh well, I'm just happy to be alive another year.

Shout out to my wife who is killin the waffle game right now. Buttons better watch out!

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