Monday, July 26, 2010

Me and the Internet = Big Fight

Dear Followers (All 3 of you),

I want to apologize for my latest absence. Me and the internet (Shelly) actually got into a huge arguement. I told her she was focusing too much on other stuff (Lindsay Lohan, The President, etc.) and not me. I felt like I wasnt wanted.

We're working on our problems.

Yesterday, my folks took us out to eat at Logan's for my Birthday dinner (Yes my birthday is Wednesday. Please make checks available to Ricky Wright Jr. My address is 2_ _ _ C______ St. # _ _ _ Fort Worth, TX, 761017). Anywho, before we left, my dad wanted me to show him how to use his new cell phone.

He told me that he didnt have all of his contacts, so I proceeded to go through them to see which ones he needed. What I found was shocking. If you know Ricky L. Wright Sr, you know that he is not normal (Thats where I get it from). I just had no idea.

Some of his contacts were:

Anothy Figging (Anthony Figgins - Friend from Seattle, Washington)
Adrain (Adrian - Lawn Customer)
Brain Rawston (Brian Rawlston - Friend at church)
Pastor Free Da (Pastor Freita - Bishops Wife from church)

Im so glad I did not go to Northside high school.

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  1. I laughed my ass off at this... my dad's phone looks the same way! Hahaha